Hamfatter Video Log – What Happened Next?

Hamfatter – the band that went on the hit TV show “Dragons’ Den”, received £75,000 to record our next album and then promptly disappeared.

What happened next? Continue reading “Hamfatter Video Log – What Happened Next?”

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Hamfatter – Mark & Jimbo play “Don’t Lean On Me” (Hamfatter)

“Don’t Lean On Me” is one of Hamfatter’s earliest tunes. Here’s a brand new busked acoustic version by Mark & Jimbo. Continue reading “Hamfatter – Mark & Jimbo play “Don’t Lean On Me” (Hamfatter)”

Hamfatter – ‘Fireworks’ Oldskool Music Video

An old music video from back in the days of yore – a half-remembered era before Owen had a beard. Recorded in Vienna on a budget of basically zero money by a dedicated team of Austrian students. We seem to have lost the high-res files but this lo-fi version has a good vibe and reflects the home-made ethic that characterised Hamfatter at that time. (Early CD releases had personalised artwork made using ink stamps!). Enjoy – and don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up on Youtube. Continue reading “Hamfatter – ‘Fireworks’ Oldskool Music Video”

Hamfatter – Vlog#5: Tommie the Sax

Owen previews the song ‘Blood as Thick as Wine’ and chats with Tommie (who plays on saxophone on many of our best albums. Tommie also toured regularly with Hamfatter and is an absolutely top bloke). Continue reading “Hamfatter – Vlog#5: Tommie the Sax”

Hamfatter – Vlog#4: Mark Plays ‘Carry You’

Mark (Hamfatter drummer and master of  enthusiasm) talks about his love for the band and plays his self-penned hit single ‘Carry You’. Continue reading “Hamfatter – Vlog#4: Mark Plays ‘Carry You’”

Hamfatter – Vlog#3: Jimbo Plays ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’

In our latest video, Jimbo (Hamfatter guitarist and backing vocalist) has a bit of a chat and then knocks it out of the park with a stunning cover version of ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’. Continue reading “Hamfatter – Vlog#3: Jimbo Plays ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’”

Hamfatter Vlog#2 – New Tune Preview

In the second of our vlogs, Owen chats about Hamfatter music, new and old and plays a little preview of a new song called ’80 Years’ that will probably feature on the next album we record. Continue reading “Hamfatter Vlog#2 – New Tune Preview”

Hamfatter Song ‘Karma’ – Official Lyrics

We’ve had requests from some fans to post lyrics to their favourite songs. So, here you go: a Youtube video with official lyrics to the song ‘Karma’ from the album ‘What Part Of Hamfatter Do You Not Understand?’ – a firm fan favourite…

Continue reading “Hamfatter Song ‘Karma’ – Official Lyrics”

The Girl I Love – Official Music Video

The Girl I Love from the re-release of our album What Part Of Hamfatter Do You Not Understand?

Continue reading “The Girl I Love – Official Music Video”

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