Hamfatter – the band that went on the hit TV show “Dragons’ Den”, received £75,000 to record our next album and then promptly disappeared.

What happened next? Well, this is the first of a series of V-Logs that Hamfatter are recording to explain who we are, what we’ve been doing and what we did in the 15 years of hard-gigging, hard living before that.

(Apparently the sound for this video doesn’t come through on some iPhones. No idea why – if we can fix it we will – otherwise you’ll have to find another device to watch on.)

It’s going to be a journey – we have an album we never promoted Cassiopeia. It’s awesome and deserves attention. We have more albums, EPs, videos and live performances from before that – enough that we can’t count/remember what they all are right now.

We have a bunch of new songs written – and more on the way. Owen – our singer/bass player/pianist/song-writer has his mojo back and is busy crafting masterpieces – pouring out his his innermost thoughts, loves, laughs and advice on how to live your life to the full.

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