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Cassiopeia (CD Album)

Cassiopeia Album Cover.jpg

A big, lush sound rammed with curly, insistent melodies. – Q Magazine

A hugely entertaining listen. Hamfatter’s sonic palette includes indie rock, Sixties pop, horns, strings and, above all, style. 4/5 – The Sun

Recorded over a crazy month in the wilds of Norfolk, Cassiopeia showcases Hamfatter at our hard-rocking, hard-living, hard-working best. The days and nights blended into a haze of excess, doing WAY too much of everything your mum said you shouldn’t, and recording, recording, recording. Featuring our trademark crazy mix of styles and HUGE musical passion.

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Dragon Bundle (the next 5 items)

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What Part Of Hamfatter Do You Not Understand?

(Re-Released CD Album)


Gleefully bounding indie pop. Effervescent, Pavement-style clatter and the skipping earnest shimmies of Once Around The Block era Badly Drawn Boy… a delightfully fresh album. Metro

Hamfatter carry an arsenal of power-pop nuggets including the amazing ‘Sziget’ which deserves to be a hit. –  NME

Every exorbitant lyric, every swooping, orchestral moment that makes full use of O’Mahony’s sonorous voice and every exultant chorus that ratchets the pace up conspire to win over the most cynical of hearts. Buy it and fall in love with wanton abandon now. –

A re-release with all-new 1940s retro-feel artwork. This version of the album – planned to come out shortly after our Dragons’ Den episode aired – added our shiny new single The Girl I Love, remixed our first single Sziget, added a new bonus track and trimmed a couple of other tunes to make the sound more representative of Hamfatter at that stage in our musical journey.

Do Something Stupid (CD EP)


Released as an excuse to film a music video (because who doesn’t like getting up at 4am to get horrified stares from passers-by who have no idea what you’re doing!) We also wanted this to be something totally awesome for the fans so we added 3 lovely bonus tracks.

The Girl I Love (Vinyl Single)

The Girl I Love

Wait what! Hamfatter vinyl? That’s right! This was a limited-edition special release for our second single ‘The Girl I Love’ which charted at 75 (hey – any top 100 place is pretty amazing right?). The B-side is an exclusive acoustic-piano version of the same song – recorded specially by Owen for this one-off release.

So, if you’re into vinyl, amazing music and beautiful retro artwork, this is the place to get your Hamfatter fix. Let us know if you want more vinyl – if enough people show interest, we’ll release more!

Live Album (Download Only)

eoin02 stylised

A collection of various fantastic and unique live performances throughout the years and across Europe – this was only ever available at gigs and is presented here as a golden opportunity to hear the glory heyday of a pre-Dragons’ Den Hamfatter. It is not only a fantastic album with stunning live performances – but also a historical record of a young band making its way in the world, gaining exposure and having a brilliant time touring and living life to the full.

Sziget (CD Single)

single front

Our first single – which charted at 53. Back then we were disappointed (we wanted top 50) but looking back, it was an incredible achievement for a band that never had any mainstream record industry support. Sziget is an eccentric gem of a release featuring Karma as the B-side.


Old-Skool Bundle (The next 4 items)

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What Part Of Hamfatter Do You Not Understand? (Original CD Album)

Album Sleeve.jpg

THE old-skool Hamfatter release – the Cassiopeia of its day. 13 tracks recorded at Sickroom Studio on an insanely tight schedule – and representative of a time when Hamfatter spent ALL their time writing, rehearsing and touring Europe. This album is all about the time in a band’s life when they have honed their craft both as songwriters and as a live act – and they know that all they need to do is get out there and show the world just how good they have become.

Girls In Graz (CD Album)

Inlay copy.jpg

Every band should have one of these – a huge album recorded in one single day of studio insanity. This is a joyful romp of an album and dates back to a period when Hamfatter were really beginning to find their feet and stand out from the crowd. The songs are high-impact, high-energy and full of youthful confidence and this album is an important part of the history and development of Hamfatter. A must-have for any fan.

Fireworks (CD Album)


Begun as solo project by Owen when the original Hamfatter line-up fell apart – but finished as a Hamfatter album with the addition of Jimbo (guitar), Mark (drums) and Emilie (vocals). This was recorded in Owen’s house using a tape-recorder (ah – those beautiful old-skool days!). It is a lo-fi treasure of an album: a fledgling band experimenting with different sounds and styles – finding their unique voice in exquisite, naive style.

ham-fat-er (Download Only Album)

Recorded in a few hours in Owen’s old flat – having carefully arranged for the downstairs neighbour to be out. Chilled out and charming, this album features the original Hamfatter line-up of Armson on blues guitar and original-drummer-Mark (as opposed to lovely-new-drummer-Mark). This is a delicate, beautifully-crafted album and we still get emails of praise for this long-hidden Hamfatter gem. It hasn’t been available to purchase (even at Hamfatter gigs) for over 10 years – so this is your prime opportunity to get hold of a true piece of beautiful Hamfatter history.

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